Department of Geography and Regional Studies

Shouraseni Sen Roy



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Professor Sen Roy's research and teaching interests center on Climatology, spatial analysis, and crime patterns. Her work focuses on spatio-temporal patterns of climate processes across various regions, including the Indian subcontinent, South Africa, China, and USA, using advanced geo-statistical techniques to analyze trends in climatic...

Douglas O Fuller



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Predicting an Outbreak from e-Veritas A Biting Chance from Miami Magazine

Richard J. Grant



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Summary: Teaching and research focuses on the urban transformations in metropolitan Africa and on global cities such as Miami.  Current project focus on:1) The green economy in Cape Town, South Africa2) E-waste and urban planning Accra, Ghana3) Street art and neighborhood transformation in Wynwood, Miami4) Climate gentrification in...

Han Li

Asst. Professor


As an urban economic geographer and social scientist, the central issue of his research is achieving a better understanding of our urban space from the perspectives of multi-scale, multi-mechanism, and multi-dimension. Han’s research is focused on technical advancements in big data technology, GIS spatial modeling, remote sensing, and...

Jose Maria Cardoso da Silva

Chair of Geography and Regional Studies
Secondary Faculty in Biology


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Dr. José Maria Cardoso da Silva is a biogeographer who studies the relationships between socio-economic development and environmental conservation in tropical regions. In his research, he integrates concepts and theories from geography, ecology, biogeography, conservation science, sustainability science, and political science to explore...

Imelda K Moise

Asst. Professor


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Trained as a health geographer, Dr Moise's overarching program of research focuses on families and communities at risk. Her methodological expertise lies in utilizing quantitative and qualitative methods, often employing mixed methods study designs including geospatial analysis to examine the sociocultural and contextual...

Ira M. Sheskin



(305) 284-6693
Professor Sheskin is widely recognized for his work on the geography and demography of the American Jewish community. His areas of expertise involve the collection, analysis, and presentation of quantitative data. Much of his work can be found at www.jewishdatabank.org. He is the editor of the American Jewish Year Book and authors the annual...

Justin B Stoler

Associate Professor


(305) 284-6692
Dr. Stoler's research explores the geographic patterns of urban health disparities and environmental influences on social and behavioral epidemiology. He holds a secondary appointment in the Department of Public Health Sciences, and is an affiliate of the Abess Center for Ecosystem Science & Policy. Dr. Stoler enjoys field work and has...

Harold R. Wanless



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School of Architecture

Sonia Raquel Chao

Research Assoc. Professor


Sonia Chao writes and teaches in the area of sustainable architecture and urbanism, resilient design, and historic preservation in the subtropics. Her scholarship explores the intersection between historic preservation, historic places, and resilient design. Across the years, Chao has received numerous grants from public agencies, private...

Charles C Bohl

Assoc. Professor


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Charles C. Bohl is an associate professor and the director of the graduate program in Real Estate Development and Urbanism (MRED+U) at the University of Miami’s School of Architecture, where he directed the Knight Program in Community Building from 2000-2008. Dr. Bohl is an expert on place making, community building and mixed-use...

Rodolphe el-Khoury

Dean, School of Architecture


(305) 284-9092
Rodolphe el-Khoury is Dean of the University of Miami School of Architecture. Before coming to UMSoA in July, 2014, he was Canada Research Chair and Director of Urban Design at the University of Toronto, Head of Architecture at California College of the Arts, and Associate Professor at Harvard Graduate School of Design. He has taught at Columbia...

Eric Firley

Associate Professor


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Eric Firley is of French-German nationality and was born in Düsseldorf, Germany. He studied economics, architecture and city design in Fribourg, Lausanne, Weimar and London, and started his professional career in the real estate sector in Paris. Afterwards he worked for several years in design practices in Paris and London, before...

Jean-Francois Lejeune



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Jean-François Lejeune is Professor at the U-SoA, where he teaches architectural design, urban design, and history-theory. From June 2009 to December 2014 he was the Director of Graduate Studies. He taught at the Oregon School of Design (1985-87) and was Visiting Professor at the Universidade do Rio Grande du Sul (Brazil), the...

Joanna L. Lombard



(305) 284-3731
Joanna Lombard, AIA, LEED AP, is a registered architect (Florida) and Professor at the University of Miami School of Architecture with a joint appointment in the Department of Public Health Sciences at the Miller School of Medicine and is a 2019-2020 Abess Faculty Scholar in the Leonard and Jayne Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy....

Christopher Meyer

Asst. Professor


Armando M. Montero

Asst. Professor Prof. Practice


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Faculty Poster

Carie A Penabad

Assoc. Professor
Director, Undergraduate Studies


(305) 284-5708
Carie Penabad is Associate Dean and Director of the Bachelor of Architecture program. Her research focuses on the study of Latin American urbanism and architecture, particularly gaining accurate data on informal settlements and their growing role in the shaping of the contemporary city. She is also a principal of CURE & PENABAD, based in...

Elizabeth M. Plater-Zyberk



(305) 284-3731
Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, FAIA, LEED AP, is Malcolm Matheson Distinguished Professor of Architecture and Director of the Master of Urban Design Program. She has a joint appointment in the Department of Public Health Sciences at the Miller School of Medicine.  She was dean of the School of Architecture 1995-2013.  She teaches...

Allan Todd Shulman



(305) 284-3120
For the past 17 years, Shulman has explored the interrelationship between 20th century urban culture and architecture using the cities of Miami and Miami Beach as a laboratory. As a scholar, he has found in these modern cities ample material for investigations into regionalism, tropical architecture, and the cultural idea of tropicalism. These...

Mark Troen



(305) 243-5000
Mark Troen teaches graduate-level real estate development, economics, and market analysis in the Masters of Real Estate Development + Urbanism (MRED+U) program of the University of Miami School of Architecture. He also co-teaches studios in the Master of Urban Design (MUD), Master of Construction Management (MCM) and Master of Architecture...